Nikon D800

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Nikon D800

Nikon D800

The Nikon D800, possibly the most anticipated camera of the year was rumored to be released in February or March of 2011 and has been pushed back ever since. Nikon’s month to release any big news or announcements concerning future cameras such as the Nikon D800 has always been February but no official statements were given at all this year. August 2011 was the second rumored date that Nikon was targeting. This would launch perfectly with the release of the CliQ which drops the first week of September but it seems we won’t be seeing the Nikon D800 until at least Fall of 2011.

The latest reports for the Nikon D800 are suggesting that due to the earthquake in Japan in March production has fallen behind (understandably so) and the scheduled launch date has been pushed back once again to Fall 2011. Amazon is also listing a Nikon D800 guide book on their site which means Nikon is most definitely planning to release the camera which is long overdue at this point. Nikon is also looking for a main feature camera to compete with the Canon 5D Mark III. Many felt the D700x would be the camera Nikon releases but it seems if the Nikon D800 does release this fall it could live up to the hype after all.

We have one more month to go until Consumer Electronic Show in which we could hear a big announcement from Nikon. This show is typically where camera companies such as Nikon and Canon make their announcements for upcoming products and many feel as though we’ll see the Nikon D800.

The Following are highlights of the Nikon D800 Specs:

  • 36 MP sensor
  • Viewfinder Full coverage
  • Face recognition
  • CF+SD memory card slots
  • ISO range: 100 – 6400, ISO LO @ 50 and  ISO HI-2 @ 25600
  • A screen surpassing the 3 inch mark
  • 200k shutter cycles
  • As far as video is concerned we should see 1080p/30/25/24 and 720p/60/30/25/24

Nikon D800 Video

More Nikon D800 Rumors Surfacing

Nikon D800 rumors are making their way around the web as many now believe the Nikon D800 will be a mini D3x, equipped with a larger LCD monitor than will be fully adjustable to brightness. Another source is also stating there will be 2 versions of the camera in which one will be a Nikon D800 with the anti-aliasing filter removed.

New rumors are also surfacing about the Nikon D800 possibly taking 36mp pictures. The Nikon D800 may shoot 1080p features at 30fps and 4 frames a second shots and feature a larger LCD display. The cost? At this point it comes as no surprise the Nikon D800 will come at a hefty price. The price tag is expected to be in the $4,000 range come launch day. With the amount of megapixels and a price that high, the camera works out to costing about $111 per megapixel according to gizmodo.

More Concept images of the Nikon D800 Below:

Nikon D800



 nikon d800







nikon d800















As you can see the Nikon D800 has a similar style and build to the D700 with what looks like some minor upgrades and detailing. Here’s a link to compare the Nikon D800 to the D700.

New Pictures of the Nikon D800 Emerging?

According to the website Nikon Rumors, the following pictures are leaked images of the Nikon D800 Camera. While no release date was given the camera is due out to make the scene in Japan in just a few days on the 24th of November.

nikon d800nikon d800


First official Nikon D800 image released:

According to many sources Nikon Rumors has apparently got a hold of the first official sighting of the Nikon D800:

nikon d800







And while there is still no official word on the Cameras Specs we can definitely expect a huge improvement. Below is another blown up (pixelated) version of the image above featuring the Nikon D800. Enjoy!

Nikon D800










Stay tuned to Lens Rumors for all of the latest Nikon D800 news and rumors.

Check out the previous model, the Nikon D700 below.


  1. nadine photography November 3, 2011 at 11:25 pm - Reply

    oh my goodness, when is this camera ever going to be released???

  2. LEONARD MUSAJ November 7, 2011 at 6:38 pm - Reply


  3. T. Bartley November 15, 2011 at 4:27 am - Reply

    Well, I was waiting on the next “version” of the D700. I’m not looking for a D3 replacement. Also, if it has HD video, then keep the camera. My feelings are, if you want a HD video camera, buy a %^$#$ HD video camera. Let the DSLR be a DSLR only.

  4. sigpho November 18, 2011 at 8:06 pm - Reply

    I’m sick of waiting for an announcement from Nikon’s on their next evolution of FX cameras. Silence may bring anticipation and excitement but this is ridiculous. I totally understand the drawbacks because of nature’s wrath, but telling potential customers why they should stay excited and be patient is well overdue. I’m sure they are designed and ready for production. 36MP rumours are nothing to get excited about if we’re going to lose lowlight resolution; something that the d700 and the D3s are good at. If 36MP is the highlight of the d800 I’m totally disappointed especially since I’ve been in need an upgrade for 18 months. I’d rather 18MP and excellent high ISO resolution than 36MP and average high ISO performance. I need a new camera and I may just go for one of their existing FX cameras and tell Nikon to go the hell for the next couple of years when they finally announce this next generation of FX cameras. Come on Nikon get on with it. Give me a good reason not to save myself $X000s + by going with one of your already excellent (existing) FX bodies. Tell me what’s coming even if I can’t get it for 3 to six months. Maybe after hearing something solid from Nikon I can justify the new price tag and my patience. Silence is not golden, it annoying!!!!!!

  5. Ivan November 20, 2011 at 7:33 am - Reply

    You are right sigpho! I’m agree too… silence is annoying!!!!!!””

  6. Jerome Milac November 20, 2011 at 6:46 pm - Reply

    I’d rather wait a little longer for a good camera, than to put my hands on a camera “almost” finished. Good things take time. Period.

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