Good Things About Aprilia Tuono 660

What better way to start 2021 than with the most hype bike counterpart of 2020? The Tuono 660 takes all the good things the RS 660 has to offer and makes it even more affordable. However, despite his Rs brother status, Tuono gets some advantages of his own. Here are five things you need to know about the new 660.

1. Design Options

Aprilia refers to the Tuono 660 as a “sports goal”. Naked? How naked? This doesn’t look like an empty bike at first glance. Unless empty, the Aprilia actually refers to the engine. This is the main design difference between the RS and Tuono—on the latter, the fairing wraps around the engine instead of covering it. Ok, now that we’ve taken our minds off Aprilia’s twisted definition of “naked,” let’s talk design. While the Tuono gets the same headlamp group as the RS, the smaller head makes them look oversized in comparison, giving the Tuono a busier front design. At the top, the new entry-level 660 also gets a shorter and smaller windshield that matches the equally small fairing. Tuono also gets its own triple clamp with a slightly modified offset, intended to improve handling.

2. Driving Dynamics

Perhaps the most important difference between the RS and its new brother Tuono is the driving dynamics. While the RS offers a darker, tank-hugging riding position perfect for a track strike, Tuono takes a cooling pill and offers straighter, more relaxed geometry. While the seat itself and the position of the footrests are unchanged, the sports clip-ons are replaced by a larger and wider handlebar. This feature allows for a posture that remains at the sportier end of the spectrum, while releasing some weight from the arms and allowing the rider to stand in a more upright position.

3. Detunated Engine

Aprilia introduces its first mid-size engine in a long time when it launched the RS 660 in after 2019. Already at that time, the Italian company already had plans to diversify the use of the engine. Considering how much work is going on in the development of a new plant and how popular the half-liter segment is, it was only a matter of time before the Italian company released new derivatives of RS. Therefore, the 660cc double parallel DOHC engine with a 270-degree firing sequence remains unchanged. However, while the RS 660 is offered in both 100 hp and detuned, A2-friendly 95 hp variants, the Tuono is only offered with 95 hp tuning. The decision to use only the detuned engine option in the sport naked probably resulted from its position as a more urban model, more prepared for the daily commute in the range that requires a responsive but manageable engine.

4. Focus on weight

As with the RS, Aprilia’s focus in the development of little Tuono was weight. He wanted to provide an optimal and interesting power-to-weight ratio. Given that the engine is half the size of the other bikes for which it is most famous, Aprilia had to ensure that the new mid-range bikes would be light and light-footed. To ensure that it achieved this, Aprilia took several weight-saving measures, which included the use of the engine as a load-bearing element, as well as a cast aluminum frame and swing arm.

5. Price

In comparison with the competition, on the contrary, it belongs to the top of the line as one of the most expensive “empty” offered. That said, for a few big differences, you get high-end electronics (including traction control, anti-wheel control, cruise control and driving modes) and that nice Italian badge on the side.

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