Horse Riding on New York Streets

For nearly 150 years, the ASPCA has been called New York City and we are proud to have made great strides in the city and its animal rescue facilities over the past few years. New York City currently has the lowest euthanasia rate for dogs and cats per capita in the country. Animal cruelty laws are being rigorously enforced by the NYPD in partnership with the ASPCA in record numbers. And here again, the New York City Council passed groundbreaking laws that limit puppy mills by banning urban pet stores from selling animals from breeders who don’t meet even the most basic standards of care. New York City is a place where we protect animals from the boom and do not exploit them for Profit.

The positive momentum we have created should extend to New York City horse-drawn carriage, which is why we support Mayor de Blasio’s proposal to remove these rides from New York roads. The use of these animals, to transport heavy loads of tourists worry trailers hours in the noisy and crowded streets of the city is simply unnatural, unnecessary and an undeniable burden for their quality of life, and we additionally travel collaboration with rescue networks to ensure that these horses are human withdrawals. The ASPCA was created in part to help horses, and we have made normal efforts and resources over the years to put a sustainable end to the slaughter of domestic horses and the export of American horses to slaughter abroad.

Of course, the Retirement of this industry will have financial consequences, but the mayor’s bill reflects the strong intention to compensate for these consequences with training programs and resources available not only for drivers, but also for owners, licensees and employees of ecology. The proposal will prevent the renewal of transport licences when they expire in 2016 and give placed workers time to move to more modern sectors. Under this law, owners are also prohibited from selling horses for slaughter.

Therefore, whether you choose to give these horses a quality of life they deserve, or to justify a sought-after Industry uniquely based on Tradition and financial profit, it is clear what the New York City Council must do based on the human values that New York-City-Has.

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