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The RideApart team still has to do what it’s good at: cycling. Sure, we didn’t have to travel nearly as much as in previous years (I know, the first world problem) and for a while, manufacturers had to struggle to figure out how to safely put their bikes in our hands. However, even if our business card for the motorcycle review was a little shorter than usual, we were lucky to still be in the saddle of some of the most interesting bikes of the year. Some of these bikes really stood out for us and in the right fashion “let’s look back at everything we did”, we decided to share with you our five favorite test bikes of 2020. What was your favorite?

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The Kawasaki Z900 RS Cafe is not only a viewer-it is also a real screamer. Despite the modern take on a vintage design, it still managed to make some people think it was much older than it actually is. The model has existed for two years and was adopted unchanged in 2020. That said, because it was on Sabrina’s “Really Rad Bikes to Review” wish list, it didn’t need fancy updates to earn a spot on our review program. And the boy was worth it!

2021 Aprilia RS 660

There’s a reason the new Aprilia RS 660 is often referred to by reviewers as the “Goldilocks bike”. The Italian company has managed to find the perfect balance between accessibility and excitement without sacrificing too much. Both Dustin and Luca, our colleague at omnimoto, considered the bike to be an important milestone for the company. The first medium-sized Aprilia engine in a long time is tractable, responsive, without being arrogant. With its stunning silhouette, efficient aerodynamics, surprisingly versatile drivetrain and generally approachable personality, there is a chance that the Aprilia RS 660 will be one of the best engines launched this year.

2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin

Although Sabrina was not sold on how sensitive the ride-by-wire acceleration was, which was a bit of a sore throat over bumps and dips (imagine in an off-road context!), the new CRF flagship still deserves all the praise. The improved twin of 1,084 CC makes the bike unsuspected and interesting to ride—much more than the previous generation. In addition to the new more powerful engine, the bike also lost a few pounds during the redesign process, resulting in a more manageable full-size Adv. Honda has done stellar work with its famous adventurer and deserves recognition.

2021 Honda Trail 125

When Honda announced the revival of the CT (or Trail) family with the introduction of the CT125 based on the Super Cub, the Internet exploded. Everyone was super prepared. What do you not like about a chicken? Dustin took the new CT, Trail 125 up and out of the way to see if it was really as big as we all hoped. The answer is yes-provided that your expectations are aligned with the purpose that the bike is meant to fulfill.

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